This Week at the Market – July 27

July is an eventful and rewarding month at the Brighton Farmers’ Market. July opens with strawberries and other early summer crops, and by the end of the month, summer’s full bounty has arrived from the farms. The arrival of sweet corn at the market marks a summer milestone; this week Fisher Hill Farm is bringing early corn, plus sweet onions, scallions, beets, Swiss chard, carrots, potatoes, beans, garlic, lettuce, radishes, zucchini, summer squash, cucumbers, chicken, eggs, and Red Jacket juices. K&S Bischoping will have Flamin’ Fury peaches, blueberries, black raspberries, black and red currants, and gooseberries. Organic Matters will have romaine, butterhead, Red Lollo and buttercrunch lettuces; Tuscan and Red Russian kale; peas; beans; and fresh garlic.

Lighthouse Gardens will have certified organic cherry tomatoes, fresh garlic, garlic scapes, baby head lettuce bouquets, mixed baby kale, and sunflowers, as well as herb, vegetable, berry and ornamental transplants, summer blooming perennials and organic potting soil. Clearview Farm is bringing garlic, cukes, zukes and patty pan squash, dry beans, kale medley, bok choy, scallions, parsley, sweet marjoram, thyme,  lemon basil, lemon mint, and buckwheat (for whole grain flour or garden cover crop). Jake of Lagoner Farms says this is a great week to stock up on blueberries for jam, freezing, or pies; Jake will also have peaches, apricots, plums, cherries, red  and black raspberries, currants, eggplant, peppers, broccoli, beans, cucumbers, zucchini, radish, beets, and carrots.

Honeyhill Farm will have a small amount of certified organic cherry tomatoes, along with bunches of red and golden beets, green beans, and fresh, pasture raised chicken. Fellenz Family Farm is bringing certified organic lettuce, kale (including bonus sized juice bunches), cucumbers, summer squash, Purple Haze carrots, peppers (sweet and hot), tomatoes, and eggplant. R&M Bischoping will have skinny no-spray green beans, sunflowers, no-spray cucumbers, baby and full-size zucchini and summer squash, Swiss chard and kale.

Shannon Brook Farm is featuring certified organic pork butt roasts for pulled pork. Bolton Farms will have soil-grown eggplant, peppers, and beans, and from the hydroponic greenhouse — Boston Bibb lettuce, lettuce bouquets, spring mix, spinach, tatsoi, bok choi, watercress, arugula, Swiss chard, basil, parsley, and kale (Red Russian, curly, and Lacinato).

Andy’s Specialty Garlic & Produce is bringing certified organic beets, radishes, arugula, green beans, carrots, lettuce, garlic, green cabbage, kale, turnips, and pickling cucumbers. Buzz’s Garden will have tri-colored string beans, lime and Rosie basil, speckled Amish Bibb lettuce, Swiss chard, kale, beets, scallions, and young onions. Squash Blossom Farm is bringing new potatoes, cherry and slicing tomatoes, cabbage, kale, fresh sweet onions, basil, romaine lettuce, dandelion chicory, radicchio, escarole and artichokes.

Happy Hooves Organic Farm will have some free range fresh and frozen chickens and cuts and eggs from free range hens,100% grass fed and finished beef cuts, and pasture raised pork cuts, all certified organic and soy free, plus the farm’s newest product — grill-ready chicken seasoned with certified organic herbs and spices. Dearhaven Farm is bringing garlic, onions, cukes, zukes, cherry tomatoes, beets, carrots, and herbs.

Growing Family Farm will have lots of  tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, beans, broccoli, summer squash, and Singer’s tart cherry and organic apple juice. Shady Lane Farm is bringing new red potatoes, red beets, red mini-cabbages, scallions, broccoli, kohlrabi, summer squash, Swiss chard, the last of the sugar snap peas, parsley and chocolate mint, and fresh-cut flowers. Tripleberry Farm will have pesticide-free blueberries, new batches of goat milk soaps, including a new soap for poison ivy sufferers and an unscented soap for babies, and pesticide-free berry jams, including fresh blueberry.

Chicory Blue Gardens is bringing pretty summer bouquets, lilies, and glads. Newbury Park Pastries will have chicken, veggie, panang, and shepherds pot pies. Brian’s Kitchen is introducing new and improved snickerdoodles. Nordic Farm‘s jam of the week is blueberry, with blueberry jam bars, all made from Lagoner Farm blueberries. JonJohn’s Bakery will be featuring the first fresh cucumber veggie salad from John and Jonathan’s own garden plus pineapple upside down cake and peach cobbler.

Eat Me Ice Cream is bringing “I Dream of Italy” ice cream sandwiches (fresh basil and Luciana olive oil ice cream on a black pepper waffle), with dairy and vegan options, pints (lavender coconut, peanut butter coconut vegan, I Dream of Italy, and chocolate cherry bomb/creme fraiche sour cherry), and yogurt cherry and cherry berry ice candy. Hedonist Artisan Chocolates and Ice Cream will have fig and waffle bit and carrot cake ice cream pints.

Wohlschlegel’s Naples Maple Farm is bringing maple cotton fluff. Lavender Moon Herb Gardens will have all natural Bug Off insect repellent and other home grown herbal products. Lettuce B. Frank will have breakfast sandwiches w/ Irish Bacon, vegan carrot or beet sliders with egg & Ithaca raw milk cheddar on English muffins, Farmers Plates with rosemary sweet potato hash, vegan coleslaw, pickled market veggies & your choice of topping.

Also at the Market

Music this week is by the Stardust Jazz Trio. will collect recycling items; check here for items they are currently able to accept and recycle. The group is also looking for more volunteers to help with these collections; please consider helping this good cause. Please consider donating to the Brighton Food Cupboard, to support their efforts on behalf of the needy in our community.

The Brighton Farmers’ Market is held every Sunday through October 26 from 9 am to 1 pm.  It is held in the Brighton High School parking lot, 1150 Winton Road S., and is sponsored by the Town of Brighton. More information about the market can be found at or on the Market’s Facebook page.

See you Sunday!