Our Mission

Brighton Farmers’ Market is a market with a mission:

  • to support local farmers, especially those using sustainable and organic methods of agriculture;
  • to help build a stronger local food system;
  • to bring the fresh, local, sustainably produced food from these farms to members of our community;
  • to build community by bringing people together around the shared experience of valuing and enjoying local food.

We are all partners in this; thank you for participating!

This Week at the Market — August 30, 2015

We would rather not bid August farewell, but we’ll make it a celebration of summer at this week’s Market. The August harvest has been gorgeous this year, and farmers are bringing more of summer’s best this Sunday. Lighthouse Gardens will have certified organic cherry tomatoes, cocktail tomatoes, slicing tomatoes, lettuce bouquets, orange and red sweet peppers, baby rainbow Swiss chard, mixed baby kale, leeks, tricolor beans, fresh cut herbs, garlic scapes, garlic for eating and seed stock, cut sunflowers and flower bouquets, certified organic herb and vegetable plants, flowering annuals, summer blooming perennials, lettuce bowls, herb planters, ornamental kale, cabbage, and plenty of hardy chrysanthemums.

Lagoner Farms will have freestone peaches, prune plums, red raspberries, Ginger Gold apples, eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes.  Fellenz Family Farm is bringing certified organic Roma tomatoes in bulk quantities (over 1,000 pounds on hand!); email CSA@fellenzfamilyfarm.com to pre-order; Erik and Jenny will also have mixed tomatoes (also in bulk), cherry tomatoes, Swiss chard, kale, lettuce, salad mix, eggplant, summer squash, apples (Sansa, Akane, Honeycrisp), peaches, plums, eggs, sweet peppers, hot peppers, beets, potatoes, onions, leeks, tomatillos, ground cherries, and herbs.

K&S Bischoping is bringing Canadian Harmony peaches, Sun Glo nectarines, raspberries, blueberries, and apples — Paula Red, William’s Pride, and Zestar! (Karen says the exclamation point is a trademark), and heirlooms Summer Rambo, Gravenstein, and Duchess of Oldenberg. R&M Bischoping will have green beans, heirloom cherry and slicing tomatoes, baby zucchini, tomatillos, hot peppers, kale, Swiss chard, cantaloupe, watermelon, zinnia bouquets, honey, and lots of sunflowers.

Dearhaven Farm is bringing certified organic beans, beets, carrots, sweet red and white onions, hardneck garlic, chard, kale, leeks, eggplant, peppers, potato, zucchini, shallot, red raspberries, peaches, elderberries, heirloom tomatoes, cherry and salad tomatoes, basil, and parsley. Shady Lane Farm is bringing gold potatoes, edamame, sweet white and red onions, beets, cherry and beefsteak tomatoes, green bell peppers, zucchini, kohlrabi, Asian cukes, rainbow chard, fresh-cut herbs including purple and sweet basil and mint, and lots of late-summer cut flowers.

Bolton Farms will have sweet corn, beets, green and yellow summer squash, and beefsteak tomatoes from the fields, and lettuces, kale, Asian greens, basil, sorrel, parsley, and watercress from the hydroponic greenhouses. Clearview Farm is bringing baby beet greens, pie pumpkins, leeks, Beatrice and Asian Orient Charm eggplant, sweet green and poblano peppers, slicing and cherry tomatoes, young green and golden zucchini, yellow Sunburst and crookneck summer squash, Genovese and lemon basil, certified organic and organically-fed free-range eggs, gigante d’Italia flat parsley, thyme, sage, oregano, lemon mint, and valerian root.

Andy’s Specialty Garlic & Produce is bringing certified organic carrots, leeks, spinach, arugula, green peppers, green beans, red potatoes, sweet onions, green kale, zucchini, garlic, red beets, garlic scapes, red radishes, Hakurei turnips, slicing tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and sauerkraut. Growing Family Farms will have sweet white and Hilly Billy orange heirloom tomatoes, grape and cherry tomatoes, five varieties of cucumbers, sweet onions, baby beets, rhubarb chard, Italian dandelion, Napa cabbage, okra, giant red sweet peppers, fairytale eggplant, parsley, basil, free-range eggs, and Singer Naturals tart cherry juice.

Chicory Blue Gardens will have dahlias and zinnias in beautiful summer bouquets. Shannon Brook Farm is featuring certified organic, pasture-raised pork tenderloins, baby back ribs, and duck eggs. Tripleberry Farm is bringing pesticide-free blackberries and raspberries, freshly-made jams, and goat milk soaps. Seaway Trail Honey is bringing raw, local seasonal honey and honeycomb and larger size squeeze bears; the NY Bee Wellness display will have live honeybees.

Wohlschlegel’s Naples Maple Farm is bringing three grades of pure NYS maple syrup, gourmet maple cream spread, and granulated maple sugar. Nordic Farm will have many different pickles and relishes, jams and jellies, and four kinds of scones and granola. Eat Me Ice Cream is bringing plum ice candy and sammies — coconut-peach ice cream with chunks of crystalized ginger on a chocolate cookie, power cookie with coconut-cinnamon ice cream, and sweet corn ice cream with peach jam on a chili-cornmeal cookie.

Biscotti for Everybotti will have gluten-free chocolate biscotti made with Iroquois corn, espresso chocolate chip biscotti, and vegan coconut biscotti. JonJohn’s Bakery is bringing baked macaroni and cheese, roast pork sandwiches, carrot cake, Oreo cheesecake brownies, fresh plum tarts, seasonal berry cobbler, peach cobbler, chocolate raspberry dream cake with white chocolate drizzle, peanut butter balls, jumbo muffins (berry, zucchini, and carrot), cookies (oatmeal cranberry, peanut butter, and chocolate chip), lemon blueberry cake, chocolate fudge brownies, seasonal coffee cakes with mixed berries and plums, Grandma’s breakfast cake, chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting, raspberry infused lemonade, and vegetables from John and Jonathan’s garden.

Pasta Classics will have fresh cut pasta and a wide variety of ravioli, including roasted red pepper and goat cheese and  kalamata, feta, and sundried tomato. Newbury Park Pastries will have chicken tarragon, shepherds, panang, chicken, veggie, and pulled pork pot pies, plus pies and tarts made with local fruit. Flour City Pasta is featuring autumn harvest orzo and suggests this recipe.

Rise and Shine Bread is bringing English muffin bread, asiago ciabatta, rosemary focaccia, honey wheat, wheat, rye, pumpernickel, raisin, sweet breads, and brownies. Community Composting/Impact Earth will have 50 lb. bags of certified organic compost; sign up for Community Composting residential services and learn about how to make your home, company, or school more sustainable through zero waste. Brian’s Cookies will have gluten-free, sugar-free molasses cookies. Lavender Moon is bringing herbal products including hibiscus teas, Bug Off and Tick Me Off bug sprays, and is offering a special on spice rubs for the labor Day barbecue.

Also at the Market

The Rochester Ukelele Orchestra will perform in the music tent.

ColorBrightonGreen.org will collect recycling items; check here for items they are currently able to accept and recycle.

Please consider donating to the Brighton Food Cupboard, to support their efforts on behalf of the needy in our community.

Representatives from the Winton Road Nursery School will offer information about its programs.

EBT/SNAP Bonus Program/Fresh Connect Checks

We’re pleased to offer our Market Bonus Program for EBT/SNAP customers. Purchase at least $10 in tokens with an EBT card, and receive $5 in bonus tokens to be used at the market to purchase EBT eligible foods. We now are also offering Fresh Connect Checks to SNAP customers; this state-funded program allows us to give a $2 Fresh Connect Check with each $5 in tokens purchased with an EBT/SNAP card, which can be used to purchase any SNAP-eligible foods at the market.

Market Details

Brighton Farmers’ Market is held Sundays, 9 am to 1 pm, through October 25th in the Brighton High School parking lot, 1150 Winton Road S. The Market is sponsored by the Town of Brighton. More information about the market can be found at http://www.brightonfarmersmarket.org or on the Market’s Facebook page.

See you Sunday!